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The Opportunities of Gig Economy

(How two students embarked on a rewarding career – A case study)

New Delhi, May 16, 2020: In flat three years, Nikhil & Shreyash, students at one of the most prestigious institutions in India, not only managed to earn their livelihoods but have also successfully closed their education loans as well.

Gig Economy has opened various opportunities for optimum utilization of unutilized capacities across various communities at individual as well as group levels.

Two students from a middle-class family managing their studies and their business to fetch out their day to day expenses and have also closed their education loan is something exemplary.

Let’s see how their journey began!

Everything in their life was going normal, attending classes, completing their daily assignments, sometimes skipping lectures in the library or cafeteria thinking ways to earn at least something so that they can manage their pocket money and do not be an additional burden for expenses on their family, until they met one of their friends who was working as a channel partner in Real Estate sector. The friend shared his experience and work process with Nikhil and Shreyash and offered them to work for him on a part time basis.

Having seen an opportunity to explore, they started working for their friend and also studied about the market potential and different threats and opportunities. Any work done with ownership and enthusiasm never goes waste and always gives a positive result through various means like profits, learnings, etc. Through their innovative ways of sourcing and engaging with customers, they managed to close 4-5 deals in a time span of only two months. They were rewarded with 30 thousand rupees for this by their friend.

This incident made them understand if closing 4-5 deals for someone else can fetch them 30 thousand rupees then closing these deals for themselves can definitely fetch them handsome amount of money.

This became the turning point for them and inspired them to work for themselves. At this age when ambition and growth are the top driving thoughts for the youth, this incident was good enough to entice them to take this profession seriously.

They decided to not only earn their monthly expenses but also close their education loan on their own and relieving their families from this stress. They formed a company – Pavilion Homes and embarked on the journey with much enthusiasm and determination.

Now that the decision was made, they applied for registration under RERA and received the certification of a registered broker.

In order to identify potential customers, they had to get access to certain databases, leads from different resources was quite problematic for them on account of financial issues. With a lot of brainstorming they figured out to generate qualified leads on their own without spending much.

Nikhil and Shreyash were pretty convinced that Social Media can be a great tool for sourcing and hence started working on different social media by posting ads and promotions especially on Facebook.The strategized their process of posting ads in such a manner that it could get maximum number of views and shares and can have the maximum possible reach to the prospects.

They posted their ads in evening time which is considered as prime time for advertisements on any source of media. And the next morning they used to validate their leads and segregate in line with their requirement.

This idea helped them save time, money, energy and yet deliver good results.

Managing all the leads individually seemed quite difficult.Understanding that all the leads are not given required attention, they decided to pick a set of 10 students for calling purpose and schedule site visits, and for every site visit they rewarded the students with 300-400 rupees.

For some reasons, this strategy didn’t go well and they did not get the expected result. Eventually, they decided to manage the leads on their own.

Scheduling site visits was not easy. They realized very soon that arranging for site visits over phone call was something being done by every other channel partner as well as companies. They had to act differently! They decided to make home visits to their prospective leads. They scheduled home visits and went with all the required documents, brochures, information, etc and gave complete information to the customers at the comfort of their homes. This service helped them to increase their number of site visits, which consecutively, earned more conversions.

Their dedication has rewarded them to accomplish their short-term goal i.e. to repay their education loan. Now they are set to a bigger goal and take Pavilion Homes to a different level. They have planned to keep working in the same sector and build their career.

They see huge potential in the market and in the role of a channel partner. Of course, everything has not been a cakewalk for them. The biggest challenge they face is – their commissions are not paid to them in time by few Real Estate Companies. Nobody wants to work without getting timely returns (commissions). They are not keen to generate leads for such companies which do not pay in time. Afterall, they too, have their cash flow requirements and commitments to fulfill.

They believe that technology needs to be utilized more in the sector and would want to implement cloud management software in their business which will help them to have better monitoring and control. They are now investing in learning various aspects of the doing business in Real Estate space such as lead generation, online marketing, etc which will help them manage their leads efficiently and grow their business further.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)

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