Tests confirm: UNILIN offers the world’s most stable LVT for floating installation


Bengaluru, December 21, 2015: Wielsbeke (Belgium),16January 2016– Producer of luxury vinyl flooringUNILIN – with its consumer brand Quick-Step and its property development brand Pergo –offers the most stable, floating, luxury vinyl (LVT) in the world. One year since UNILIN started producing vinyl in Wielsbeke, intensive testing by the dedicated R&D team has shown that itsfloors are even more resistant to temperature changes than initially assumed.

LVT floors are composed of thermoplastic materials. This means that they tend to expand in warm conditions, and shrink in cold environments. This can result in warping and open joints. Local hotspots, like big, south-facing windows are critical for most LVT click flooring. That’s why, over the last few years, UNILIN has been focusing intensively on making its LVT flooring as heat resistant as possible. As a result, UNILIN elevates vinyl flooring from an `ugly duckling’ to a high performance floorsolution.

“Last year, we claimed that UNILIN LVT was stable in all standard situations”, says R&D Director Laurent Meersseman. “Since then, we have gained a lot more insight and expertise into vinyl flooring.Ever since we started producing vinyl last year at our new factory in Belgium, various tests have confirmed that our product is even more stable than initially assumed. Today, we can say with certainty that UNILIN offers the most stable LVT for floating installation on the market.”

Four pillars of stability

“To achieve this exceptional heat resistance, we have focused on ‘four pillars of stability: in-house research and development of all the floor’s components, full control over the production process through vertical integration, our expertise in developing the best and most-used click system in the world, and a clear focus on quality through in-house testing and measurement techniques.”

1. Product composition

UNILIN takes full control over the research and development of its LVT products to ensure the best possible end product. This is done, first and foremost, by carefully screening all raw materials during the procurement process. What’s more, unlike many other LVT producers, UNILIN only uses its own internal waste as recycled content for the base layer. And last but certainly not least, UNILIN develops the fibreglass for its LVT products in-house, making it three times stronger than the industry standard.

2. Full control over the production process

Through vertical integration at its LVT factory in Wielsbeke, UNILIN takes control over the production process from raw material to finished plank. Furthermore, the unique, state-of-the-art production line has been specifically adapted for click LVTs. This ‘flat production process’ prevents cracks in the fibreglass and avoids putting additional stress in the product. In addition, UNILIN has installed an exceptionally long annealing furnace line. Here, the LVT is alternately heated and cooled, to eliminate any remaining stress in the product. As a result, the product is more stable and wont expand or contract as much with temperature changes.

3. Making the perfect click

As the inventor of the patented Uniclic® installation technology for laminate floors, UNILIN has amassed extensive know-how on click systems in different materials. Expertise and precise milling technologies enable the flooring pioneer to develop and produce the strongest click system for LVT flooring. As a result, UNILIN’s flooring products aren’t just easy and fast to install, but the click system is extremely durable as well. As a token of its confidence, UNILIN offers a lifetime warranty on its UNIFIT system for LVT flooring.

4. Clear focus on quality

UNILIN adheres to very stringent quality standards. These are enforced through intensive test cycles and very precise measuring techniques and technologies. “We systematically monitor the quality of our products and refuse to tolerate even the slightest deviation from the standard,” Meersseman explained.

Multi-dimensional benefits

All of the above results in high-quality LVT-flooring with unprecedented stability. For end-users, this means there is no need for transition profiles between rooms. Furthermore, unlimited installation is possible both in length and width without the use of expansion profiles. The end-result is a sleeker finish, and an overall better-looking floor.

In normal conditions, a basic Quick-Step or Pergo underlay can be used. For areas subject to excessive heat and big temperature variations, e.g. conservatories, glasshouses, summer cabins etc., a special underlay is recommended to ensure maximum dimensional stability when laying a floating, UNILIN luxury vinyl floor.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)