TECHNONICOL Corporation Pledges Commitment to Bridge the Skill Gap in India’s Construction Sector

  • The initiative testifies TECHNONICOL’s deep resolve to promote ‘Craftsmanship’ which is a core promise of the Brand.

New Delhi, October 07, 2018: At a time when the lack of an institutional framework to impart training at the workers’ level for India’s rapidly growing buildings and construction sector is being felt by several sections of the industry, TECHNONICOL Corporation, the leading international manufacturer and supplier of roofing, waterproofing, thermal insulation and sound absorption materials, has committed full support to bridge the skill gap for workers engaged in roofing activities in India. As part of the initiative, over 100 applicators across Delhi, Raipur, Goa and Cochin have been trained so far.

TECHNONICOL was founded in 1992 and since then has accumulated considerable experience in the building materials market globally. The Company believes that “Craftsmanship” is the single most important factor of any successful construction. Consequently, this core need has been enshrined as the core promise of the TECHNONICOL Brand.

Taking the concept of Craftsmanship forward, the training programs are part of the Company’s global program aimed at increasing the level of skill of applicators, who use the Company’s world-renowned materials thereby resulting in increased durability of the whole roofing, waterproofing and thermal insulation system of the construction.

Ramnik Kohli, CEO, TECHNONICOL India said, “Guided by the core values of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship, TECHNONICOL India is committed to play an important part in increasing the skill levels of its applicators. Not only enhancing quality and durability of the construction, but these programs eventually improve the quality of people’s life who would eventually use the buildings and structures. We have received a buoyant response from the participants and would continue to bring our global knowledge and experience to bridge the skill gaps in Indian Construction industry.”

Lack of professional skills remains one of the biggest impediments to India’s growth. TECHNONICOL, with proven global expertise to meet challenging requirements of modern construction solutions has come forward to address this aspect.