Sumadhura Group launches new ad campaign featuring brand ambassador MS Dhoni


Highlighting the company offerings, the ad campaign creates the feeling of Sumadhura homes as ‘Homes you don’t want to leave’

Kolkata, May 30, 2019: Sumadhura Group, one of the South India’s top realtors which has been widely recognised for its exceptional projects across asset classes, with a significant presence in Bangalore and Hyderabad recently launched an ad featuring their brand ambassador MS Dhoni as a part of the group’s upcoming brand campaign #HomesYouDontWantToLeave.

The 40 second online ad campaign from Sumadhura featuring MS Dhoni and Karan Ashar as Dhoni’s manager opens with an anxious Karan enquiring if Dhoni was ready to leave yet. Dhoni tells him he would take only five minutes to get ready even as he continues playing on his gaming console. The next frame shows Dhoni making excuses and promising an exasperated Karan that he would take only five more minutes to leave. Karan then proceeds to wait for him and on his return, the roles are reversed as Karan seems to have settled into the comfort of the Sumadhura home and goes on to enjoy the view that awaits from balcony of the house. The two then playfully high five each other as they both proceed to enjoy the home despite having been in a hurry initially.

The campaign is being launched to create the impression of a Sumadhura home as ‘Homes you don’t want to leave’ in the minds of the viewer. The ad wishes to emphasise on the unparalleled amenities and quality homes that Sumadhura Group stands for and focus on how with over 20 years of experience in the sector, the group delivers above and beyond just a home to buyers. The campaign is also being launched as 20 second TVC.

Commenting on the campaign, Sendil Kumar, Creative Head, Madras Global said, “MS Dhoni is one of the most familiar faces in the media today. The challenge was to create a narrative that uses Dhoni effectively from a brand awareness standpoint while also being engaging and memorable. This campaign makes use of Dhoni’s down-to-earth nature and warm personality to drive home the message that Sumadhura homes are as world-class and lovable as Captain Cool himself. A message we’re confident will resonate positively with both buyers and owners.”

Sriram Sunder, Senior Vice President, Madras Global India added, “We could not have envisioned a better brand fit than Sumadhura and MS Dhoni. Both of them deliver world class quality, consistently. And we think that this campaign brings this out perfectly.”

Srinivas Moramchetty, Vice President (Sales and Marketing), Sumadhura Group said, “We at Sumadhura have always endeavoured to build an emotional connect and nurture our relationship with our customers. The company’s track record of innovation and quality has only helped further cement this bond. Sumadhura homes maintain uncompromising standards and world-class facilities in a league of their own catering to every need of the buyer. The new ad campaign also draws attention to the incomparable satisfaction and happiness within one’s own home that awaits a prospective Sumadhura homeowner.”

The Sumadhura Group focuses on the mid-market and luxury segments. The company’s quality policy strives to deliver consistently superior performance in property development and management services, satisfying customers need through collaboration and innovative methods, fostering a culture of continual improvement.

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