Strata’s AUM crosses Rs. 1300 crore, eyes Rs 2000 crore by end of FY24 amidst evolving regulatory landscape Raises Rs.110 crore for office asset in Pune


Mumbai, December 29, 2023: Strata, India’s leading tech-enabled platform for fractional investments in commercial real estate (CRE), aims to transact or cross an AUM of Rs. 2000 crores by the end of the fiscal year 2023-24, aligning with forthcoming regulatory changes in the fractional ownership sector. Strata is poised to secure its position as the pioneer in achieving this milestone. The company has already crossed assets of Rs. 1300 crore sand 3.5 million square feet (Sq. Ft.) of assets in December 2023.

It aims to enhance its presence in the western states, such as Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Over the past eight months, Strata has experienced remarkable growth in its transactions and AUM, increasing by approximately 50% from Rs. 850 crores to over Rs. 1300 crores in 2023. During this period, the company has witnessed an impressive surge of 100% in its investor base, surpassing 3000 and attracting more than 80,000 active users to the platform.

Looking ahead, Strata expresses optimism regarding its continued upward momentum, particularly in light of the recent Small and Medium REITs amendments issued by SEBI.

Commenting on the milestone, Sudarshan Lodha, Co-founder & CEO, Strata, stated, ‘We firmly endorse SEBI’s commitment to regulate Small and Medium REITS and pledge to adhere to any forthcoming guidelines within the established framework. As we approach the fresh regulatory environment, we aim to become the first proptech company in the country to surpass the Rs. 2000 crore transaction mark. The upcoming regulatory framework is expected to instil confidence and a positive outlook within the fractional ownership space, resonating not only with retail investors but also garnering interest from developers and institutional investors.’

 ‘Additionally, our current milestone serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to risk mitigation, client-centricity, and delivering robust returns. This not only underscores our leadership in introducing fractional ownership to India’s retail investors but also signifies a pivotal shift in the landscape of commercial real estate investment. Our commitment remains steadfast in accelerating our growth journey, offering inclusive and rewarding products, and solidifying our position as a trailblazer in the industry,’ Mr. Lodha added.

Recognizing the growth potential in tier II markets, Strata strategically expanded into emerging commercial locations such as Pune’s Hinjewadi, where the company closed a transaction worth Rs. 110 crores, as well as Jaipur and Hosur. After establishing a strong presence in the South, Strata is now extending its reach to western India with upcoming assets in Pune and Jaipur. This strategic move underscores Strata’s proactive approach to unlocking opportunities in previously unexplored markets, providing investors with the potential for robust returns.

Strata utilizes innovative tech-driven solutions to empower retail investors, making commercial real estate accessible to a broader audience.

At the core of Strata’s mission is a commitment to transparency within the investment process. The platform enables investors to explore a diverse array of properties and locations, offering a comprehensive range of options. This approach not only expands the scope of investment opportunities but also places decision-making power firmly in the hands of investors. Strata’s focus on transparency and choice reshapes the dynamics of commercial real estate investment, ensuring investors have the information and options needed to make informed decisions.

Through its tech-enabled platform, Strata empowers over 80,000 users worldwide, including more than 3000 investors. The investor base comprises NRIs, HNIs, family offices, top management from Fortune 500 companies, UHNIs, and institutional investors, contributing to Strata’s global appeal and success in the commercial real estate investment landscape.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)