Sternhagen’s Kristall & Golden Cut Bathroom Suites for the ultimate luxury experience


New Delhi, July 13, 2017: Sternhagen perfects the bathroom experience with their artistically curated high quality products designed for the ultimate luxury experience. Engineered with cutting-edge proprietary materials and technologies, Sternhagen is all about quality.

From visually exciting tiles, to artistic sanitary ware, sensual showers and matching accessories, every product has been curated in detail to bring their Artistic Suite experience to life. Sternhagen unveiled its Artistic bathroom suite collection in October 2016, during the launch of their flagship in Ahmedabad.

The Kristall Suite is their flagship collection which virtually mimics the uniqueness of nature, refracting light from clean-cut crystalline surfaces with no two facets alike. The Kristall suite instantly adds a design edge to any space, with the introduction of 3D facets to the bathroom creating a unique and visually striking collection. The starred Kristall Suite products are beautifully structured with quality materials like Sani Quartz, Sternhagen’s patented alliance of quartz that allows the brand to create the sharp 90° angles they are famous for, and Ceramic available in black, white, gold and silver. The sanitary, basin, basin mixers, tiles and shower diverters of the Kristall Suite add sophistication to the bathroom space making it a comprehensive and functional collection to suit all environments.

The Golden Cut Suite is a marvel of mathematics, a work of art with its clean, superior materials and aesthetic angles. The Golden Cut collection is an ergonomic masterpiece, adding character to the bathroom space with it’s effortless yet flawless designs carefully calculated to reflect the most elementary ratio of beauty. The design concept is derived from the heart of the Fibonacci Spiral, symbol of order and harmony. The elegance of Golden Cut suite’s Wc’s, Urinals and basins originates with the golden ratio with a simple yet strong 90-degree angle as its frame of reference. The eye moves effortlessly along the design’s distinct lines, giving the bathroom an elegant look. The products are available in black, gold, silver and white.

​Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)