Steelcase Launches ‘Think’- For people who sit for a living


New Delhi, April 14, 2015
Think Chair: Forpeoplewho sit for a living

The Think chair is an ergonomic office chair that senses what your body needs. The Integrated LiveBack™ System conforms to your body and moves with you as you change postures. It features an advanced weight-activated seat, so anybody can get comfortable, quickly.People need different amounts and kinds of support for each region of the back; support that can change shape to follow the motion of the back.Pressure map testing helped Steelcase design the back flexors to provide dynamic, continuous support for each region of your back, with no pressure points or unsupported zones. Support is evenly distributed as you move in the chair. It’s natural, fluid support that mimics your spine.

A movement towards well being

Movement throughout the day helps increase blood flow to the brain and body, keeping you refreshed and energized.People need to change their posture frequently to stay healthy and comfortable, and will do so if their chair allows them to recline, yet stay close to their work while reclining.The Think chair’s weight-activated mechanism allows you to recline without leaving your ideal vision and reach zone. So you can lean back and be comfortable, and still reach your keyboard
and desk.


  • Back flexors track with the natural shape of spine and are linked together integrate and prescribed movement.
  • Adaptive arms move in four directions for personalized arm support.
  • Adaptive bolstering in the seat cushion allow to comfort shape, support that can adapt body postures.
  • Smart seat depth allows the seat to be positioned to forward or backward to achieve long term
  • Available in 3D Knit fabrics.
  • Flexible seat edge flexes down to relieve on the back of the legs.
  • Sustainable is about creating and supporting social, economic and environment conditions.
  • Think, an environmentally-friendly, lightweight office chair, consists of up to 37% recycled material and is up to 98% recyclable.
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