Sowparnika Launches Sowparbee, the Community Change Driver, Delivering Happiness to the Masses


Bengaluru, March 09, 2019: Sowparnika Projects, a leading real estate developer in South India recently launched ‘Sowparbee’, addressing the social challenges faced by the citizens of the country.

Sowparbee is a CSR initiative taken up by Sowparnika Projects which aims to direct the basic issues of the society, through a blend of online and offline medium targeting the kids and youths. The model is based on skill and knowledge training through quizzes, competition, role plays, painting contests, blogs, classroom sessions and outdoor games. Sowparbee was launched on Saturday, February 23rd at Park Square Mall by the Legendary Singer Dr. S. P. Balasubramanyam.

While launching Sowparbee, Ramji Subramaniam, Managing Director at Sowparnika Projects and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. said, ‘’The society, today, demands a driving force to address to all the issues related to health, hygiene, safety, social issues, environment, traffic etc. The modules are targeted to the youths and children who will act as brand ambassador to drive in these changes with an empowered mind.’’

Raja Mukherjee, CMO, Sowparnika Projects and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. said, ‘’Taking into consideration the larger picture, the social circumstances today are such which are striving to be resolved, issues like waste segregation, proper sanitation and education. Right at this juncture is Sowparbee, who comes to the rescue, encouraging and motivating citizens of the country to join hands and make a better world for living by solving the needs of the hour. We, at Sowparnika, believe in delivering happiness and Sowparbee is yet another tool to help the people and country at scale.’’

With a vision of a progressive community, Sowparbee intends to build a better India where people are inspired and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle as well as contribute to the betterment of the surroundings. As a hardworking creature, it is committed to community service, nurturing relationships, leading others and gaining and reflecting knowledge. In addition to this, it aims to inculcate good habits and moral values, thereby creating a progressive, active and aware society. In lines to this noble intent, Sowparbee will work hand-in-hand towards the social issues, helping people to lead a better and happier lifestyle.