Rivali Park’s commendable step towards propagating education through metric mela with Save the Children India Foundation


Mumbai, May 26, 2016: Rivali Park a project under CCI Projects,in association with Save The Children India put another foot forward towards the propagation of Education through ‘Metric Mela’ to effectuate and cater to the community development and the educational needs of underprivileged children.

The key objective of the event comprises of multifarious objectives focusing towards one common goal or accomplishment. Emphasis on the relevance of mathematical concepts from classroom to real life being one of the key objectiveaiding in helping the community on a macro level to recognize the value of school and education along with creating an awareness amongst the children pertaining to of the importance of interacting and communicating (through speaking, understanding what is explained and reading). The focal point of execution is to evaluate and strengthen the capacities within the children by involving the community members in school activities in order to acquaint and enlighten them about the joys of schooling which in turn is sure to decline the dropout rate of students.

Education offers the youth a foundation to achieve their potential.Nestled under the auspices of Rivali Park, The team decided to use Mathematics in everyday life as the theme for the Metric Mela. The difficulty in teaching and learning Mathematics is being continuously stressed by teachers in various forums.The scheme of the event was designed with the linchpin to not only help children acquiring experiential knowledge for reinforcement of mathematical concepts, but also instigating parents to get intrigued and involved in the education of their children. The Mela had children setting up stalls with games on various mathematical concepts e.g. length, measurement, place value, fractions, weight, geometry, money, etc. The involvement of the Community reflected through the participation of parents in helping their children set up stalls or providing them with food stuff to be put up for sale at a nominal price.

According to Mr.Harjith.D.Bubber,M.D& C.E.O, Rivali Park, CCI Projects “The Metric Mela gives children an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and familiarity with a host of units of measurement in a variety of amusing ways.. This was nothing less than a festival in the arenas where development is highly desideratum in all aspects. This initiative was implemented in order to kindle and generate interest in education amongst the adults to support their children and instigate them to move on the paths of education than to pressurizing them to be an earning member contributing to their household economy.”

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)