Priyanka Borhade – Architect, Interior Designer


Name of the Architect: Priyanka Borhade

Company Name: Collage Design Pvt.Ltd. , Vikhroli, Mumbai



Contact No.:  +91 2225740842/+91 2225740843, +91 2225740844/+91 2225740845

Address: 300, Sai Sampanna, Vikhroli Station Road, Vikhroli East, Mumbai 400083

Architectural Expertise: Architect, Interior Designer

Architect Profile:

Having graduated from Dr.D.Y. Patil College of Architectur, Navi Mumbai in 2012, I initially worked with Kalayojan Architects, a firm focussing on institutional design. Later, I joined Collage Design pvt. ltd. in Vikhroli, Mumbai. This firm was involved in the designing of the prestigious Greenfield International stadium in Trivandrun, Kerala for the national games to commence in December 2014. I started working on this stadium design when I joined in 2013, on detailed design of stadium. Presently, I am involved in the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium project located in Dehradoon, in which am involved from the design stage itself. 

Company Profile:

Collage Design is a professional architectural firm offering integrated services to client aiming at delivering quality, value, innovation & creativeness in its design.We share and develop ideas to ensure futureproof,responsible acrchitecture. We are experts in creating awareness, and our enthusiasm for innovation has kept us at par with the leading architects of the world.