Navin’s introduces Carpet Area Selling for all its projects


Chennai, February 04, 2016: Chennai’s most trusted and time-tested real estate developer, Navin’s has set a new benchmark by becoming Tamil Nadu’s first real estate developer to sell by Carpet Area. Since its inception in 1989, Navin’s has delivered over 110 projects in the city that have always offered the highest Carpet Area and UDS. Renowned for offering superior quality homes at a price that offers the highest value for money, Navin’s has now introduced carpet area selling for all its apartments, taking transparency in real-estate pricing to the next level.

Commenting on this revolutionary move, Dr. R Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Navin’s, said, “Right from the beginning, we at Navin’s have always declared the Carpet Area of each and every apartment sold and now, we have introduced Carpet Area selling with an aim to add more power in the hands of the customers. Being one of the most trusted developers in the city, Navin’s as a brand is known for offering quality homes at the right price. Our greatest strength has been our transparency and we have always walked the extra mile to care for our customers. Keeping this in mind, we decided that fixing the price of our apartments based on Carpet Area is something that would greatly help home buyers determine the exact usable area that they get for the money they pay and customers can now clearly compare between different builders’ projects based on Carpet Area price. In fact, Carpet Area Selling is one of the major features of the Real Estate Regulatory Bill which, when passed in the Parliament, makes it mandatory for all builders in the country to sell based on Carpet Area. However, home buyers do not have to wait as Navin’s have moved ahead with the transparent Carpet Area based selling. “


Dr. R. Kumar, commenting on the ‘Ushaar Raghavan’ Campaign said, “We realized that the idea of selling by Carpet Area will be truly understood and appreciated only when there is sufficient awareness about various terms that are popularly used like super built-up area, saleable area, plinth area, common area etc. Hence, we decided to launch a campaign with a character named ‘Ushaar Raghavan’ who represents an ideal home buyer. I’m now fully confident that we have made it easier for home-buyers to make an informed decision!”

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)