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Name of the Architect: Modi sri vastava

Company Name: Modi sri vastava



Contact No.:  +91 265 2255025 / 2252025

Address: 16-Manisha, Nr. Manisha Char Rasta, Old Padra Road, Vadodara – 390020 Gujarat – India

Architectural Expertise: Architect

Architect Profile:

The firm’s design process is an interactive & collaborative one, promoting open and effective communication between leaders, team members and consultants. During the design process itself the clients are engaged and informed in making decisions to reach a consensus and proceed towards successful completion of the project.

Philosophy of MSA’s work is a collective one. The idea is to achieve design solution driven by concepts about function, climate, location, the form making process, role of final design in neighbourhood, etc. MSA believes that a building designed with a broader perspective of knowledge & understanding of larger community & environmental issues related to it, intensifies the project’s meaningfullness. Members of the firm routinely provide leadership in civic, sociological & sustainability initiatives. This commitment allows the firm to bring a unique perspective to every project, resulting in final outcome that is innovative, relevant & timeless.

Company Profile:

Founded by Architect Hitesh Modi & Architect Amit Srivastava in 1994 as a Multidisciplinary Architecture Design practice, Modi Srivastava and Associates’ expertise includes Architecture, Interior Design, Planning & Urban Development . The firm takes pride in itself for it’s innovative design, often inspired by nature, history, urban context, technology & sustainable strategies. The belief is that the most complex and beautiful solutions are often, if not always, the simplest ones.