Megaa Virtual Expo (MVX) – Realty 2020 all set to turn home buying into an experience hard to differ from reality itself


New Delhi, August 29, 2020: Innovative applications of technology have scaled greater heights ever since the dependency and usage of the internet witnessed a rise, owing to the covid-19 pandemic. Markets and businesses have begun to adapt to the ‘new normal’ in ways that one could have never imagined. However, LivePixel Technologies has disrupted this space of innovations by creating a one of its kind virtual event for real estate developers to reach out to their potential consumers from the confines of their respective homes. This concept will take form as the Megaa Virtual Expo (MVX) which is scheduled to go live at the mid of November this year.

Not only does this bridge the gap between buyers and property developers but also makes the experience fun and interesting for the visitors at this expo. Visitors can tune into the event from their preferred device, right from laptops to mobile phones and tablets as this technology is supported on both iOS and Android. The entire arrangement will be like a real time simulation where the visitor gets to have the same experience as they would, had they attended an event like this in practicality. Live Pixel Technologies will be developing the entire system for the expo on Unity’s real time 3D platform, which is the one that close to 50% of popular video games like PubG use. While the visitors get to browse through experiential property booths, they can also opt for site visits wherein MVX will virtually transport them to a simulation of the entire property. This will be a thoroughly interactive virtual space where the visitor will get to walk into a sample flat and explore the property to its full potential. “Most virtual site visits that we’ve seen online are only made up of 360-degree panoramic imagery. But we’re taking it up a notch by making it engaging and interactive just like a video game. As the visitor browses through different booths, they can choose to take a tour of a project that they are interested in. Our system will allow them to virtually walk through the entire property, enter sample flats and so on.” said Mr. Omkar Jagdale, Architect and CTO, MVX

While the demand for real estate remains at a constant high, buyers are becoming more and more certain of taking this up the virtual way. Real estate is the kind of business that would seem impossible to function without real, physical intervention. With this exceptional event, Live Pixel Technologies aims to revolutionise business in this sector and also the events and exhibitions space at large. “Adapting to changing times is extremely essential for any organisation and industry. The pandemic has paved way for so many activities to be conducted comfortably in the virtual space. With this event and technology, we aim to not just facilitate business in times of Covid but also bring people closer and improvise experiential commerce.” said Mr. Rajeev Dwivedi, Founder and CEO, LivePixel Technologies.

To ensure that visitors have an impeccable experience, a live chat panel would be available for them to garner all the information they would need. MVX will onboard 200 exhibitors who will showcase their projects to prospective home buyers at the expo. “The extent of technological advancement MVX will offer is far ahead in the game as compared to other events in this field. While speaking to builders, to get them on board, we sat down personally with them to make them understand the entire concept and get rid of any apprehensions. For exhibitors that want to give buyers the ultimate real time experience we are also building simulations of the virtual sites for them to showcase. Our aim is to make property buying a completely seamless process here.” said Mr. Ssamridh S Aggarwal, Event Director, MVX. To impart insightful information to the participants and visitors, MVX will organise 30 virtual conferences on subjects like architecture, restoration of heritage properties, education and more during the main event. To promote ideas like sustainability and innovation in design, a set of 30 awards will also be distributed as a part of the expo.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)