Maharashtra to issue property cards with ULPIN for land parcels


Mumbai, September 22,2022: The Maharashtra government is all set to issue 11-digit Unique Land Parcel Identification Numbers (ULPIN) along with property cards for land parcels to make the system simpler and secure. Furthermore, the Bombay High Court also pulls the strings on Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to put all building projects online. Read on as 99acres delves into the reasons behind the call.

N K Sudhanshu, State settlement commissioner, Maharashtra, announces to issue 11-digit Unique Land Parcel Identification Numbers (ULPIN) for all 7/12 extracts and property cards from September 19, 2022. Furthermore, in a similar development, the Bombay High Court asked the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to put the repositories for all construction records online to regularise illegality in construction. According to the reports published in

What is the purpose of property cards and online records?

Integrating the ULPINs with registration allows one to navigate documents more easily as they are similar to Aadhaar. Furthermore, it would simplify and speed up the registration of documents. However, a new ULPIN will be created if a property is divided or added. The ULPIN will remain the same if a property is merely transferred to another person. Moreover, the existing documents have already been tested and issued with ULPINs. Citizens can view these records on the official website ( The ULPIN will be generated for all new 7/12 documents.

Furthermore, under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, the BMC must make its entire record of construction projects publicly accessible on the MCGM website through the citizens’ portal. The court cited that this should be ensured under the Right to Information Act and the Evidence Act.

How will the Mumbai property market fare amid these developments?

With regards to property cards, Sudhanshu said that the Revenue Department is verifying the three crore documents, which include 2.6 crores 7/12 extracts and 70 lakh property cards. On July 28, 2022, the State government issued a Government Resolution (GR) for ULPIN.

Similarly, the Bombay High Court highlighted a recent case of the Daulat House as an example of an open notice that can cause problems not only for the co-owner and its occupants but also for the developer because an occupation certificate will not be issued. The stop-work notice was not uploaded to the citizens’ portal until September 8, 2022. Thus, it’s vital to display building project reports online and put an end to such discrepancies.