Lodha Launches ‘Palava’ – The City of Opportunity

Mumbai January 13, 2014: Mumbai’s sister city inspired by the best globally Built for the 21st century and beyond
Lodha Group, the country’s largest developer, presented “Palava”- Mumbai’s sister city and the ‘City of Opportunity’. Palava is designed to be amongst the world’s top 50 most liveable cities, with every aspect of it being benchmarked against global criteria. This includes a vibrant business environment, outstanding educational and healthcare facilities, unparalleled cultural and sports infrastructure, and safe public spaces, in addition to high quality residences at affordable prices for its citizens. Derived from the Sanskrit work ‘palav’ (budding flower), Palava will be a city with endless possibilities, built to help its people flourish and exceed their potential in every aspect of their lives. Indeed, Palava aims to be the model for 21st century urbanization in India where citizens, administrators and developers come together to create world-class opportunities of growth and prosperity for all.

Just 20 min from the Navi Mumbai International Airport, a short drive from the key employment hubs of Thane, Navi Mumbai and Kalyan, and now, with the new Eastern Freeway, just about 60 minutes (40 kms) from the Southern tip of Mumbai, Palava is located at the epicentre of business and provides a holistic, urban environment which will set the standard for 21st century living in India.
Unveiling Palava, Abhinandan Lodha, Deputy Managing Director, Lodha Group, said, “Today, with over 20,000 residential units sold in just over 3 years, Palava shows the need for high quality middle income housing in MMR. This number is expected to rise to 1,00,000 units by 2025. This city already has much that one could hope for with the highest percentage of green space compared to any major city in the world and a range of already operational world class education and sports facilities. Over the last 5 years, we have tapped into world-renowned experts on urban planning and adopted best practices from around the world to ensure that Palava is a city built to last. Our aim is to offer large numbers of affordable homes in an environment where people can live their lives to the fullest and enjoy opportunities which are on par with any other global city.”

With over 3.5 lakh job openings (by 2025), Palava aims to be a city that encourages enterprising people and provides businesses with the environment they need to grow and create high quality jobs. It will also be home to a world-class multi-disciplinary university, an Olympic Sports Complex, a vibrant Centre for Arts and Culture, lakefront and river-front plazas, high street retail and a 100-acre Central Park.

World renowned star icon and acting legend Amitabh Bachchan, First Citizen of Palava , said, “I’ve travelled to many cities across the world and discovered one fundamental truth: great cities are those that offer great opportunities. Mumbai has given me the platform to grow personally and professionally for 5 decades now and I have seen this economic powerhouse expand beyond imagination. Taking this momentum further is Palava, Mumbai’s sister city that offers well-rounded and fulfilling lives to its citizens by enabling economic prosperity and creating an inspiring social and cultural environment. It will be a place where families lead rich and varied lives, businesses flourish, students dream bigger, and athletes go farther than ever before. In Palava you will find something new at every corner. It is a city that will bring out the best in its people.”

About Palava

Palava Today: With over 20,000 residential units sold, Palava is already home to thousands of families. In keeping with its aim to provide opportunities across the spectrum, Palava already has operational world class facilities such as the Lodha World School and a preschool, sports facilities and training academies in clubhouses, a cricket ground, a FIFA standard football field and a 9-hole golf course, and convenience retailers.

Business and Careers: The Central Business District (CBD) will offer millions of sq. ft. of world-class offices at competitive rates and with world-class infrastructure. Palava’s vision is to create 3.5 lac jobs by 2025 across the CBD and other high quality jobs across retail, education and more. This will truly make the objective of “walk to work” for Palava citizens a reality.

Education and Sports: Palava will be home to over 20 schools, a world-class multi-disciplinary University and an Olympic Sports Complex with professional sports academies.

Leisure: The Centre for Arts and Culture, lakefront and river-front plazas, a 5 lac sq. ft. mall with a multiplex, high street retail and a 100-acre Central Park are just some of the numerous spaces in Palava that enable people to indulge in a range of pursuits and lead a fulfilling life.

Healthcare: A multi-specialty hospital affiliated to the university to encourage research and development, and pharmacies and clinics within a 10 min walk from home will ensure world-class healthcare at Palava.

Security: 24×7 monitoring and emergency response teams, video surveillance, a highly trained security force, street level panic alarm systems, and electronic access control and automatic firm alarm systems in buildings will ensure safety, day and night.

Transportation: The already operational Eco-drive buses provide service within the city and a state-of-the-art transport hub will connect with external transport facilities. The Fleet Management System will ensure efficient operation of public vehicles while System Enablers which predict traffic will help prevent congestion. The Parking Management System will ensure hassle free parking for all.

City Planning and Management: Each neighborhood has a pedestrian focused design and is planned to be self-sufficient, with all daily needs met within a 5 to 10 min walk from home and public facilities just 15 minutes away.

Recognizing the value of involving citizens in the running of the city, Palava will be run by a not-for-profit City Council that will have representatives from the citizens of the city, and experts in city management as members. An Intelligent City Operations Centre at Palava will act as a centralized & integrated platform for citywide services and enable efficient city governance through the use of the latest ‘smart’ technologies. Some of these technologies include a Palava e-Portal and Smart Cards.

City Sustainability:

Efficiency goes hand in hand with sustainability – a salient feature of Palava, be it through treatment of water and sewage, use of renewable energy or an eco-friendly transport service. Palava already has 24*7 water and electricity while nearby areas continue to see shortage especially during peak summer months. BWI