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Name of the Architect: Krishnan Parvez Architects

Company Name: Krishnan+Parvez+architects



Contact No.:  +91 22 6702 4521

Address: KPa shop no 5, krishna bldg., st. anthony street, kalina, santacruz east, mumbai – 400098

Architectural Expertise: Architect

Architect Profile:

KPa, a design firm involved in architectural and interior design projects across India and in Seychelles. Our projects vary from industrial to residential and hospitality sector.

Company Profile:

KPa, an Architectural and Design firm offering comprehensive design services for architecture as well as interior spaces.

As partners in KPa, Krishnan V. and Parvez Charania have had five years of academia and professional practice from the L.S.Raheja School of Architecture, University of Bombay and have been registered with the Council of Architecture. Following this is six years of practice with renowned architectural firms in India.  Since its inception in 2002, KPa is acting towards creating quality architecture and urban interior spaces.

Having worked on projects ranging Industrial Architecture, Corporate Offices, Residential Architecture and Hospitality, we have evolved a design principle that lays stress on the fusion between aesthetics and functionality. Our design process involves understanding the client, the subject matter of the development with reference to the context and subsequent research in the field arriving at a completely functional design. KPa follows a holistic approach to design merging the exteriors with the interior spaces. With a minimalist and contemporary approach to design, KPa looks forward to creating an environment which integrates nature with the built form and its tectonics.

Through the years of practice, KPa has developed a team of associate consultants for development of design in the fields of structural engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing and fire fighting, mechanical engineering and landscaping.