GROHE Power&Soul(R) showers are packed with patented technologies


Showers to create a spa feeling

Gurgaon , April 30, 2014 – GROHE Power&Soul® fuses state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge design to create a supreme shower experience. Its variety of spray patterns allows for perfectly personalised shower sessions, which can be anything from profoundly relaxing to energising and invigorating. The innovative “One-Click-Showering” spray selector not only provides direct access to four spray patterns but also permits you to choose from another seven mixed spray patterns, effectively putting eleven spray patterns at your fingertips. What better way to enjoy a bespoke shower experience every day?

Personalised showering at your fingertips

Whether you prefer the total freedom of movement under the head shower or the flexible benefits of the hand shower, all GROHE Power&Soul ® showers deliver a rich spray to pamper and massage your entire body with clearly defined spray patterns. The GROHE Bokoma Spray™ is a breakthrough in shower technology – harnessing the power of water, eight dynamic nozzles create a “breathing” effect as they open and close, creating a tension-relieving effect on the skin. This spray is ideal for a relaxing head or shoulder massage and will yield its maximum effect when combined with a head shower. The other three preset spray patterns are the soft Rain spray, the air-infused GROHE Rain O2 spray and the powerful Jet spray. Whichever spray pattern is selected, maximum water delivery to every nozzle on the spray face is ensured by the GROHE DreamSpray® technology, which is at the heart of all GROHE showers. The environmental credentials of these showers are no less impressive. All GROHE Power&Soul ® showers use GROHE EcoJoy®, a smart water-saving technology that reduces the water and energy consumption of your daily shower without ever compromising on comfort and on enjoyment.

Perfect balance of form and function

As well as the choice between head and hand showers, GROHE Power&Soul® showers come in a variety of styles designed to coordinate with the full range of contemporary bathrooms. Purists will love the sleek cylindrical shapes of the Cosmopolitan Design range and its minimalist architectural feel. The timeless organic lines of the Contemporary Design range are a perfect complement to all modern family bathrooms and mini spas. Or how about adding a little colour to your bathroom? This is what the GROHE Power&Soul® Natural Colours Collection, with its shower faces in soft natural colours such as Sandstone, Limestone, Clay, Marble, Slate and Granite, is all about.

GROHE Power&Soul® showers – a perfect package of quality, design, technology and sustainability. CCI Newswire