Foyer Decor expects Dh200 deals in 2014…seeks expansion


Abu Dhabi February 1st,2014 :- Abu Dhabi-based Foyer Décor company expects to strike deals worth around Dh200 million in the region as it pursues plans to expand its operation in the GCC and Jordan.

The company’s director general Tamara Mehyar

said most of the deals would be finalized with government institutions in the six-nation GCC, adding that the figure could rise because of an expected upsurge in construction projects in Dubai ahead of the 2020 World Expo.

She noted that Foyer is focusing on internal decorations and furniture supply, which she said remains in strong demand. She said orders are managed and carried out by Foyer’s factory in Abu Dhabi.

“We are one of the pioneering companies in our field…we have carried out decorations and interiors for key hotels, government buildings, palaces and other important establishments in the country,” she said.

She said she expected 2014 to see strong demand for the company’s products, adding that this would prompt Foyer to pursue plans to expand its activities in the UAE, other GCC states, Jordan and Iraq’s Kurdistan.

She said Dubai’s success in winning the bid to host the World Expo would give a strong push to Foyer’s business as an expected surge in visitors would necessitate plans by hotels and other sectors to renovate their interiors.

“The interiors and decoration market in the region is recording high growth and this is encouraging us to upgrade services to our clients,” she said.

She noted that business recorded a sharp upturn in the fourth quarter of 2013 after several companies announced new projects which need decoration work.

“This ushers in strong performance in this sector in 2014…we hope to be able to grab a big share of the market this year,” she said.

She said Foyer had already launched plans to expand business in Jordan and intends to push deep into the markets of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kurdistan.

“Foyer has also entered strategic partnerships with global firms, mainly in Italy, Turkey, Poland, Spain and the US, for the supply of its products to them.”