Floor Plan for Your New Home


New Delhi, February 17, 2019: 

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Floor Plan for Your New Home

Building a house is a dream project for everyone regardless of age, budget or size of the house. You will never want to let something go wrong when it comes to your dream.  Unlike fixing the cracks in the walls or paint touch-ups, it is expensive to fix the faults in floor plans. You need to have a better understanding of what you need and the factors that make a good floor plan before finalizing the design. According to the builders in Palakkad, here are some aspects you might want to consider :

About the nature of the plot

When you’re preparing to build a house, the nature of the land is the most important factor which can bring you Joy or predicament later. It is hence really important to consider this matter with real clarity. If you already have the land while planning the construction, you have to ensure that the plan utilizes the land effectively by highlighting the main attractive features of it. On the contrary, if you have the plan first, you can choose a plot that will accommodate your dream design in the most beautiful way.  You need to ask so many questions to the builder to ensure that it is properly done.  If there is an attractive scenic viewpoint anywhere within the plot, do ask how it will influence the design and what can be done to maximize the effect of that attraction into the design. If there are no such special views, still you need to consider the reach and exposure of sunlight. The direction of sunlight and how it reaches the interior giving how much light and warmth inside the proposed caccording to the design has to be analyzed. Similarly, the number of windows and doors to exploit the light has to be clearly decided.  The decking needs, access patterns, level changes might seem small but they can bring long term impacts to the character of the house.

Style of your choice

In the contemporary world, your personalized style choices matter a lot as it portrays who you are as a person to the common eyes.  Hence style statements whether in your personal appearance or in the styling of your house matter. While choosing the floor plan it has now become inevitable to select something which will satisfy all your styling needs. If you would like a home design with multiple floors or different staircases, it all need to be finalized when a floor plan is frozen. Whether you want an open house setting or a well-closed interior, all these things are a part of a floor plan decision

Size of the family

In most cases, people build houses depending on the size of their families. Unless you’re building a mansion, you do not want so many empty rooms unutilized in your house as it is hard to maintain those. Hence while selecting a floor plan it is important to consider rooms for everyone in the house as well as guest rooms depending on the nature of visits given by your regular visitors.

The factors listed above need to be well considered before finalizing a floor plan for your dream home. Do not have a plan yet? Even better! Well, note these factors and ask questions to your builders in the initial stage itself so that your builder will know your needs before even visualizing a plan!

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