PLABRO – App Only for Real Estate Agents & Property Dealers and Brokers


Bengaluru, February 20, 2016:

PLABRO is India’s premier Networking and Communication App Only for Real Estate Agents & Property Dealers and Brokers looking to Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease an Available Plot/Flat/Villa/Room/House/Land etc. This app helps the users to connect, network and exchange information relating to Lease, Sale,Purchase, Rent of Housing/Residential, Commercial Properties etc within the trusted network of Real Estate Agents.

Most of the Online Portals, make their platform, with listings from Real Estate Agents as background. And then Agents are expected to wait for leads. Most of the leads which come are Agent’s leads.

We are making a platform for Real Estate Agents and proving them these leads at Day Zero, for which they have been paying to Portals in traditional Models. Most of the portals have become redundant for Agents and become more of a advertising medium vis-a-vis correct information. And that is a reason customers also don’t find any value, and the blame goes to Agents vis-a-vis actual reason is the nature of online portal industry which leaves them with no option.

We want to create a platform which speaks quality and provides only right information. Our platform is going to disrupt Online Real Estate Portal Industry. We have already starting getting listings more then other competitive players in cities where we are active, that is just beginning of the new era.

Future is creating a collaborative system between Customers and Agents. And technology should bridge that gap. Support of our Agents will help us build that interface soon.

Features Include:

1. Instantly search the Requirements matching your Inventories. Customize your search using advanced search filters

2. Call/SMS/Chat with the Real Estate Agents within the app to take the deal forward.

3. Post the information about your Inventories/Requirements. We make the data reach to the largest network of Real Estate Agents in the market searchable on the app.

4. Get notified of the new Real Estate Requirements/Inventories that meet your work profile which is learnt automatically.

5. Prepare your profile which will be visible to the external world. View the profiles of the other Agents and their area of expertise before proceeding for the deal.

6. Follow interesting or important Agents to stay up-to-date.

7. Helps in doing research to expand your business.

Aaditya Jain is post-graduate from IIMK. He has worked as Executive Assistant to Mr Roongta, Chairman Sail ($10 Billion Turnover Company) and has also worked as Executive Assistant to Mr Birla, Birla Global Corporation. He has a diverse experience of various industries/companies before he started his entrepreneurship journey. After Birla Group, he started two ventures into Construction and Transactions. During this period he got immense experience of Real Estate industry. With his experience, he along with his co-founder Pankaj Garg (Comp Science, IIT Delhi) started Plabro.

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