Digital Fabrication For Origami/Folding Research


Research by Geetika Rohra

The research aims at developing the origami pattern. The study helped in understanding the transformation of paper from two dimensional form to three dimensional form. Fabrication process of laser cutting paper determined
the level of folds it can withhold while maintaining its strength. The project almost works as a kit which can be bought to site and assembled.

Folding and Stationing Process

Once the paper is folded, it then is imbedded into the ground which gives it its final shape resembling the shell of a purple sea urchin on the exterior.



The top has a crown like piece attached to it which stabilizes the structure and makes it stiff preventing it from loosing its shape. It has slits that interconnect with the main structure. The transparency of the top piece allows for light to enter.

Furthermore for structural stability the structure has multiple layers which provides rigidity. The foam sandwiched between the exterior and interior skin acts as an insulation layer.