Decorpot – A Home Interior Design Giant in the Making


Bangalore, June 11, 2019: Purchasing a dream home is never easy. Interior designing, is yet another example wherein most of the times people have to trust the samples, without knowing the output. To eliminate this problem, some big names, specifically in Bangalore, are launching their own experience centers. One of the leading Bangalore based Interior Design firms, Decorpot, is making waves across the industry – the company recently launched their flagship customer experience center, extending over 10,000 sq. ft. Claimed to be the largest interior design experience center in South Bangalore, the property is the latest addition to Decorpot’s ever growing portfolio.

Decorpot, a completely self-funded organization, has been a pioneer in the industry since its inception. Launched in 2016, the company has its own production unit in the city – giving their clients an exclusive advantage – to view their respective designs while under manufacturing stage at the factory. Reportedly, the company employs the largest pool of in-house interior experts, which helped it achieve the milestone of 1000 plus happy homes in a short span of 3 years.

Founded by Mr. Deepak Agarwal along with Mr. Kanishka AgarwalMr. Swapan Samal and Mr. Shubhashish Shomil, Decorpot has an interesting story behind its origin. Before Decorpot started, Mr. Deepak was at the zenith of his career, a Chartered Accountant by profession, he had purchased a home in Bangalore and was searching for an interior designer to craft his dream home. Since a professional interior designer would be expensive, he approached a carpenter. His initial experience left him astonished, when he discovered that there was a considerable gap between his expectations and final output.

This experience made him research further and he found out that the cluttered interior design industry had a few established players only who were expensive and catered to a specific cadre of the society. This sparked his entrepreneurial dreams and marked the birth of Decorpot Interiors.

Mr. Deepak, identified this opportunity and started working towards creating a One-stop-solution for customers seeking end-to-end interior design & execution solutions. Today, the brand which started from a small room in Bangalore, has grown big using lean and vertically integrated processes, with their own in-house production unit capable of delivering everything, from wood to finished product, in a short span of time.

Mr. Deepak, Founder, Decorpot, stated, “Our customer-centric approach has been the driving force behind the growth for Decorpot since 2016.”. He added, “Our vertically integrated operations, coupled with keen attention to minute details and post delivery service guarantee of 5 years, is fundamental to the high levels of client satisfaction that we have achieved over the years.”

Currently, Decorpot employs over 300 full-time employees, including more than 150 in-house designers delivering freshly conceptualised home interiors in and around Bangalore city. Being the corporate hub of India, Bangalore has seen new VC backed entrants, in this fiercely competitive interior market. Still, being a bootstrapped firm, Decorpot has flourished by launching its new 10,000 ft. experience centre within the city.

By the looks of it, Decorpot is raising the bar for the new and old interior design players alike. Add onto this the world class customer experience centre and the industry-leading design expertise they possess, the company is poised to be a market leader in the years to come.