CREDAI-Bengaluru’s First Online Realty Expo Currently Underway till April 22nd 2018


Bangalore, April 18, 2018: CREDAI Bengaluru is bringing   Online Realty Expo, its first, underway which will be on till April 22nd on the official CREDAI domain With more than 55 builders participating in this, around 300 projects will be showcased from across North, South and East Bangalore. The CREDAI-Bengaluru Online Realty Expo is a value-added initiative for the members of the organization and is in continuation with the on-ground realty expos that were recently concluded in March to an astounding response.

Speaking on the online Expo, Mr. AshishPuravankara, President, CREDAI-Bengaluru says, “Post the roaring success of the CREDAI property expositions in March and the strong latent demand, it was our duty as a responsible industry body to extend the offerings further. The ‘Online Property Expo’ is a small step in the same direction, our endeavour to offer the best to our users!

The Expo allows the home buyers to have virtual access to various properties in Bangalore.  In fact, already thousands of buyers have logged in since the Expo has gone live.  We are hoping that more people will be part of this exciting Expo and benefit from the easy access.”

Speaking on Online Expo, Mr.AdarshNarahari, Secretary, CREDAI-Bengaluru says, “Despite 2017 being a tumultuous year for real estate, with GST, RERA and the aftershocks of demonetization, research shows that residential property absorption has actually seen an increase. Our online Expo gives potential buyers access to a range of quality properties to peruse from the comfort their home at any time”.

Mr.BimalHegde, Chairman, CREDAI-Bengaluru Expo Committee, “With the launch of the online Expo we provide instant and transparent inventory of projects across the city with all the details needed to make an informed decision”.  With the online expo we intend to reach much larger market of home buyer & they will also have wide variety of homes in Bangalore to choose from.

Mr. Anil Nayak, CEO CREDAI Bengaluru, CREDAI speaks on the Online Realty Expo saying, “We have always wanted to provide people with good choice of quality properties that follow the stringent rules of CREDAI. Our exhibitions always get good response.  It reiterates the fact that consumers appreciate CREDAI’s platform that is transparent and trustworthy when they make a big decision like buying a house and this time we are providing comfort to home buyers to explore home buying at their fingertips”.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)