CMC’s Quadra Collection Now Available for Furniture Applications


Mumbai, April 26, 2019: Classic Marble Company’s (CMC) Quadra porcelain slabs collection is now offered as part of custom-made table-top applications. The company offers a range of 20 products in various colours and patterns that can make beautiful table-top applications. The Quadra’s homogeneous body design product is a perfect choice for furniture designs those have noticeable edges. The cross-section of the Quadra slabs carries the same design as its surface, giving it the advantage of being cut and polished in desired shapes while maintaining uniformity with the existing décor designs of a space.

 CMC offers Quartz Carbon, Quartz Grigio, Quartz Ash and Quartz Noir in the shades of Black, Grey and Beige. Each of these products is 12mm thick, and 3.2m X 1.6m and 3m X 1.5m large. The slabs can be easily mounted on a wooden or metal base to create an eight or six seating contemporary dining table or a modern day conference room table. The Quadra surface can be cut to create wide-ranging table designs including oval, circular, rectangular, square or even fusing two shapes to create a unique table design. One may transform the appearance of a conference room or dining area merely by replacing the existing glass or wooden table-top with a modern Quadra surface.

Quadra’s surface is evenly textured, non-porous, and resistant to chemicals, scratching and fire, satisfying all the primary requirements for a functional table-top. Made using environment-friendly, sustainable material, Quadra slabs are extremely strong, durable and are low on maintenance. With almost zero variation in thickness, planar or size, the Quadra makes for great table-top applications.

CMC, through a strategic tie-up with the Indonesian tiles maker PT Quadra ‘Dinamika Internasional’ is offering the Indian market a new hi-tech, extra-large format porcelain slab products. Quadra is a very popular product in the international markets and is admired by the architectural world for its superior quality and versatility.

Company: Classic Marble Company

Brand: Quadra

Product: Quartz Carbon

Specs: 3.2m X 1.6m

Thickness: 12mm

Price: On request

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)