BHIVE launches commercial real estate investment opportunity at Brigade Metropolis, Whitefield next metro station at 5 lakhs

  • Individuals can buy office space by investing a minimum of Rs 5 lakh at Brigade Metropolis, Whitefield in Bengaluru
  • Generates annual rentals of 10.5% per annum makes it one of the best real estate opportunity to come out in recent times
  • Given that this Property is right next to upcoming Metro Station, Real Estate in this are is expected to rise significantly
Bengaluru, November 18, 2022: India’s leading real estate developer BHIVE announced attractive offers in its bid to boost retail participation in commercial realty space. The realty company has reduced the minimum investment threshold for retail investors to Rs 5 lakh from earlier Rs 10 lakh for buying commercial space in its pre-leased Grade-A development at Brigade Metropolis, Whitefield in Bengaluru.
Commercial space at Brigade Metropolis, Whitefield comprises 500 units worth Rs 5 lakh each with an aggregate value of Rs 25 crore that are open for investment from retail investors. Individual investors can diversify their investment portfolio by taking exposure in commercial real estate that will be a potential source of monthly passive income. Bhive, which is in pursuit of making investment in commercial real estate more affordable, has also announced attractive discounts for a limited set of units.
Individual investors can earn rental returns of 10.48 lakhs on an investment of 1cr, making it one of the high-yielding investment instruments in the Indian real estate sector. Currently, returns on bank fixed deposits, both short-term and long-term government and corporate bonds hover in the range of 5-7 per cent per annum.
“Bhive is on a mission to make commercial real estate more easily accessible & affordable for retail investors. Under this initiative, we have launched 500 units of commercial space in ‘Brigade Metropolis, Whitefield’ in Bengaluru. Now, investors can buy a unit by paying only Rs 5 lakh with an average rental returns of 10.5% per annum, this is one of the prime office locations in Bengaluru. We are confident that the need for more affordable commercial spaces will get a meaningful boost from this launch,” said Shesh Rao Paplikar, CEO & Co-founder, Bhive Group
“Individual investors can get additional returns up to 3 per cent if they choose to invest by December 31, 2022. Given the rising income level, uncertain job environment and need for diversification of portfolio, we hope that individual investors will find this offer useful,” he added.
Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)