Alibaba teams up with MediaTek for IoT, Smart Homes


New Delhi, January 11, 2018: Alibaba AI Labs, which leads the development of Alibaba’s consumer artificial intelligence (AI) products, and MediaTek, a global fabless semiconductor company, have announced a strategic collaboration in Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives including smart home protocols, customized IoT chips and AI smart hardware, with the aim of fostering the development of a connected world in the IoT era.

According to a press statement on Tuesday, the two parties also announced the first Smartmesh connectivity solution in China that supports the latest many-to-many Bluetooth mesh technology, in an effort to speed up the adoption of this technology in smart home settings.

The solution, which is based on the Labs’ self-developed IoT protocol named IoTConnect and the Bluetooth chip co-developed by both parties, enables smart home devices to automatically pair with Tmall Genie, the Lab’s first voice-controlled smart assistant, leading up to a Tmall Genie-controlled smart home ecosystem.

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