2023 Real Estate Review: Resilient Growth and glimpse into 2024 outlook


New Delhi,  january 06, 2024: In 2023, the real estate sector witnessed dynamic shifts with distinct performances in the residential and commercial segments. Residential markets across cities experienced robust growth, driven by the increased demand and new supply additions. The growth trend was backed by flourishing economic conditions, high-disposable incomes, and a surge in NRI investment strengthening market sentiments. Industry data indicates a notable uptick in home sales, with a steady rise in property values across various metro cities.

Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal, Founder & Chairman, Signature Global (India) Ltd. said, “As the final curtain descends in 2023, the real estate industry witnesses an impressive surge, with Gurugram’s mid-housing sector taking center stage.  The year-end reflection unveils a YOY upswing, showcasing a strategic prowess in meeting the escalating demand for affordable yet quality residences. The spotlight on the mid-housing sector has been particularly noteworthy, reflecting the discerning preferences of homebuyers seeking the perfect blend of affordability and quality living. Looking ahead to 2024, the positive trends set in motion in 2023 reverberate as a promising melody for the entire real estate industry. The anticipated growth in demand for mid-range housing, Luxury housing mirrors the evolving preferences of homebuyers and signifies the resilience and adaptability inherent in the real estate market particularly locations like 37D, sector 71, Dwarka Expressway & South of Gurugram. The anticipated growth in demand aligns with the broader landscape, as the Indian real estate sector is poised to jump multifold in the coming years.

The outlook for the real estate sector remains optimistic in 2024. Anticipated economic growth and continued government initiatives and infrastructure development are expected to help the real estate sector maintain positive growth momentum.

Adil Altaf, Director, Sales & CRM, Whiteland Corporation says “The year 2023 has witnessed a significant surge in demand for luxury residences. The completion of the long-awaited Dwarka Expressway has played a pivotal role in reshaping the real estate landscape. The impact of the Dwarka Expressway completion goes beyond mere connectivity; it has become a catalyst for the proliferation of luxury housing demand. Properties in and around the Dwarka Expressway corridor have experienced substantial appreciation in demand as well as value, reinforcing the notion that location remains a critical factor in real estate dynamics.”

“Since 2023, India has experienced sustained sales growth across major cities, with the North East (NCR) experiencing a significant increase in demand for homes. In Q3 2023, Gurugram accounted for 56% of home sales in the region, followed by Greater Noida, Noida, and Ghaziabad, 9,200 residential units were introduced, accounting for 8% of the total supply of new homes built. The ultra-luxury market accounted for 38% of launches, with prices exceeding Rs 2.5 crore. Ghaziabad and Noida contributed 15% and 33% of their respective amounts. Noida stood out with a 248 percent quarterly surge in new releases. The year also saw a transformation in homebuyers’ preferences, with an influx of demand for homes in the luxury and super-luxury segment. This shift has led to a shift towards luxury homes, directing purchase decisions towards luxury homes. In 2024, the industry will continue to grow, with sustainability becoming the centerpiece of the real estate narrative.”–Gaurav K Singh, Founder, Womeki infra

Furthermore, a joint report by the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) and Knight Frank suggests that India’s real estate industry could reach a substantial value of USD 5.8 trillion by 2047. This significant expansion is expected to be a key driver of the Indian economy, accommodating the growing needs of various asset classes, including residential, commercial, and industrial land developments. The interplay between residential and commercial segments, coupled with the rise of Tier 2 cities, set the stage for a promising outlook in 2024, marked by continued growth and innovation in the industry.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)