11 most impressive roofs around the world using clay tiles -By team Wienerberger India


June 05, 2015
From protecting against extreme whether to defining your home’s feature, the roof has a significant opportunity to escalate overall appearance of your most important asset. Thus, styling and bragging it has always remained a thing of interest for many home owners. With plentiful options available for roof constructions, it becomes a matter of foremost importance for the builders and architects, as a great roof not only provides protection but also justifies the design dimension of the home.

Apart from, adding aesthetic appeal to the building longevity is another factor to be considered while making a roof choice. Thus, with tons of roofing styles , decision has to be made with artistic eyes, taking into consideration various aspects like the kind of the building, style at which it is built, purpose it is going to serve, climatic condition prevailing in the location, knowledge and insights about the neighbourhood etc.

There are some exquisite roofing all around the world that along with complying to all these requirements, attain everyone’s attraction. Let us have a glance over few of them:

1) Sunny Toscana: 
On the way to Tessenderlo, Municipality in Belgium, Toscana is an impressive structure that no one would miss seeing. Along with the distinctive eye catching roof structure, the The building houses a shop, six ordinary and seven duplex apartments with an attractive roof garden as well. It has a bowed roof inspired by the dome of the ‘duomo’ in Florence for the shape and colour of the roofs.In fact the same colour palatte is used here, i.e. sunny yellow for the façade brick, brown accents with the brick edges around the porches and the dormer windows, and PVC window frames finished on the outside with a polyacrylate foil in silver-grey imitation wood-grain. The tiles are made with red clay Koramic tiles.

2) New Church in Finland: 

Espoo is a rural municipality in Finland and the Church in focus is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It is a structure built linking two massive buildings. It has a double pitched roof that angle at 50 degrees. A grand entrance connects the two buildings that leads to a magnificent river, a forest and also to the old Church. The main materials of the complex are red facing bricks and clay roof tiles, Koramic Migeon Actua, Wienerberger. In fact, the architects first chose the clay tiles and all other materials were chosen later to match it in colour. This wonder has excellent geometrical roof structure.


3) Ocean Spray Resorts:

This elegant and perfect to theme roof can make anyone get lost in the scenic beauty of the resort. just 6 kms from the Universal township “AUROVILLE”, and 114 kms from Chennai, the resort has 72 exquisite rooms and 34 exclusive waterfront villas, and the project entirely uses Koramic roof tiles for their roof solution as being natural, these tiles impart a feeling of living in and with nature.

4) Schloss Neuhardenberg: Schloss Neuhardenberg is a castle located in Neuhardenberg Municipality. Originally built by Karl August, the Prince of Hardenberg. In the year 2001 the castle was recognised and given the role of being a meeting spot and 

venue for exhibitions. Most of the renovations were then initiated and the present day structure that stands apart with its grandeur and excellence came into existence. There are courtyards in the east and west wings and they are covered with Koramic Beaver tiles. The roofs look massive and also designed with a steep inclination. The most attractive part though are the curved batwing dormers that end up with a window. These dormers along with the steep roof give it an energetic vision that gives the impression that the roof itself is in constant movement.

5) Housing complex under Utrecht Rijn plan:

There are 73 houses in this sector. Even though the planning of design to the sector housing initially started with single housing, the architects decided to give the entire complex an independent look and carried out their plan impeccably by making constructions having a common denomination which is now a place of great attraction. The unique feature of the roof is pitched roof with modules which involve extended roofs.Every roof has the same steep pitch and is covered with clay roof tiles (Pottelberg Flemish tile 401) in a motley mix of four shades. The basic house model has façades with a cladding of light-red brickThe entire project depicts a ray of harmony and creates a village-like atmosphere in the Boomgaarden.

6) Warehouse in Bydgoszcz in Poland

Bydgoszcz is one of the oldest cities in Poland and river Brda flows. Banks of the river has some wonder old warehouses rich in architectural beauty and they reflect the power of the merchants of those time when they were built in the 18th century. One of those warehouses has become a Museum and the main structure is the finest example of renaissance architecture. The building is multi-storeyed and is one of the great landmarks in the city. The ware house was renovated with care as the originality of appearance has to be retained. The materials to be used were carefully selected, quality of the materials were given utmost importance, and strength and durability of the materials used were carefully appraised. The Koramic Kunice Beaver clay roofs were selected as it satisfied all the needs put forth by the architects. Now after construction people say that the roof has added style and elegance to the historic magnificence. The success of the building is reflected in the fact that it is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the city.

7) Garage and materials warehouse, Bilstain (Belgium)

The structure extends to a length of 20 meters and is a small building with a width of only 10 meters. But it is designed to demonstrate the purpose of the building with excellence and beauty that could not be matched. It is a difficult construction as it involved roofing that is curved with upward trend, curving lengthwise and with cupolas that are built-in. Structural components were designed with glued wood that is laminated custom made by a speciality company. The walls slide down as the curvature of a sphere having a diameter of 80 meters. The building was constructed with traditional bricks with matching Koramic Pottelberg Clay tiles that are plain with a rustic shade. The windows and doors are constructed to be at right angles to the curvature and were made with copper.

8) Office cum House in Purmerend,New Weidevenne district :

The building is located in the corner where the ring road intersects with exit roads. The side of the building is a rounded tower fully decorated with roof tiles built to a height of 9 meters and a diameter of 6 meters. The black shining tiles and the contradictory window frames that are robust gives the tower a stunning look. The arched roof over the residence is also covered 

with gleaming black roof tiles, and the upper façade is in white-painted wood.

House of dreams with black tiles:

In the Gronau / Westphalia that house that everyone would dream about is located and its exclusive design with gleaming black tiles with the construction of the beneath it makes it timelessly beautiful and elegant. Every room is so designed that they have a view with a window at the end. The roofs look like a pyramid with a 40 degree angle of slope and the tiles that add beauty o the structure are Koramic black tiles.

10) Manor House in Napa Valley:

The building is located in North California in Napa valley which is known for its grape yards and wines. It is also a main tourist spot where the nature’s beauty is still preserved. This is a major attractive place for tourists and also the residents. The building has a view across the valley. With a 20:12 steep sloping in the roof, he material of construction was a great challenge and finally Koramic tiles were chosen and the wholesome look of a French manor is absolutely a delight to watch.


11) House in Chester Springs near Philadelphia:

The irregular shape of the building is constructed and is attractive in its own way as it is unique in its construction and design. The entrance and the windows are domed with curves semi-spherical domes. Building has Steep clay tiles that extend almost up to the ground level.

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