With WoodenStreet, A Perfect Living Room is Just a Few Clicks Away


New Delhi, February 19, 2019: The living room is the heart of a home. This is one of the most important and relaxing parts of every home. Your living room not only welcomes home you and your guests, but also leaves a lasting impression regarding your style and taste. This makes creating a picture-perfect and relaxing living room an important and tough task. Wooden Street, India’s Finest Custom Furniture Store, is here to rescue you in creating your dream living space in just a few clicks.

The Living Room Collection by Wooden Street offers the widest range of furniture, covering everything that you need for your living room. From Sofa set to coffee tables, sofa-cum-beds to divans and TV units to display units, etc., WoodenStreet provides affordable furniture for everyone. You can either choose from the existing range or get one that matches your needs perfectly through the customization facility.

Sofa Set:

Sofa set is an integral part of any living room, allowing you and your guests to feel comfortable. This piece of furniture contributes a lot to your interior if picked wisely, as there are a great number of options available. To set up the right theme for your living room, you can choose from fabric sofas, wooden sofas, leather sofas, L-shaped sofas, Chesterfield sofas and velvet sofas. Choose the one that compliments your living room perfectly.

Coffee Table:

Undeniably, a good sofa set is the first need of any living room but a living room without a coffee table feels empty. Demonstrating excellent craftsmanship, WoodenStreet brings coffee tables of varying sizes and styles, which makes picking the right coffee table a piece of cake. Whether you are fond of traditional or contemporary style, you will always find a coffee table that suits your décor.

TV Unit:

TV units enhance the beauty of your décor. From elegant looking wooden wall units to intricately designed ones, you have a wide range of TV entertainment units to choose at WoodenStreet and you can even get one made for you in a few clicks using the customization facility.

Décor Products:

For the final yet fabulous touch, you need to add some style and statement to the living room using different décor items. Products such as wall arts, lamps, miniature arts, curtains, etc., can make your space look more inviting in no time. 

Furniture by WoodenStreet are crafted with high-quality Sheesham wood and are available in four different finishes. Yet, if you can’t find the one that fits in your requirements perfectly, you can always opt for the customization facility. Apart from living room, with Wooden Street you can get your hands on the best products for any other rooms of your home. This makes WoodenStreet a one-stop shop for all your interior-related needs.

Lokendra Ranawat, the CEO of Woodenstreet believes that every home should reflect the taste of its owner. “India is a home of diversity”, says Mr. Ranawat,” and what better way to celebrate our culture, our traditions and our art sense than setting up interiors through furniture that has been customized to one’s taste?”

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