The Artists’ Book Launch of Hafele ‘8 Verticals’


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Monday, April 15, 2013 — (Business Wire India) — An artists’ book radically re-conceptualizes a book as an artistic form, not a publishing enterprise, not a fine press production, not a portfolio of prints, but a new hybrid form without rules or limits.


Priya Pereira of ‘Pixie Bks’ has designed an Artists’ Book for Hafele called ‘8 Verticals’ .


Artists’ Books take every possible form; participate in every possible convention of book making, every possible ism of mainstream art and literature, every possible mode of production, every shape, and every degree of ephemerality or archival durability. Priya Pereira first began making books in 1993 under the name ‘Pixie Bks’ . Not knowing why she made them or what they were called, or whom the audience and buyer just seemed right then and fortunately seems right now. It is only in 1999, during a visit to the US that she discovered a term for what she did – Artists’ Books. She works along with her husband Tony, Creative Director at Rediffusion Y&R Mumbai.

From being selected for the prestigious Charles Wallace India Trust Award in 2012 to having two books selected by the British Library Store, London for an exhibition titled ‘Mughal India: Art, Culture and Empire’, Priya Pereira now brings to the table a new Artists’ Book for Hafele called ‘8 Verticals’ .

Priya Pereira says, ‘Unlike anything I’ve done before, this book veers towards sculpture and has been quite a challenge to produce’. An inviting black box opens up to a complex whorl of red pillars. Curiosity takes you deeper into the book, as you find that each of the eight wooden blocks of varying heights are really graphical depictions of the 8 arms of Hafele. The pillars collectively clasp the pages together while each page explains each vertical.

Häfele , the world leader in architectural hardware, furniture and kitchen fittings, is committed to identify and understand the specific needs of customers, architects and interior contractors across segments and provide them with desired fitting solutions. All Häfele products stand for quality and design keeping their functionality at the top of the mind.

About Priya Pereira:

A creator of Artists’ Books for 20 years, she believes that the book is her medium of expression. Clients and critics have described her books as ‘intelligent’, ‘unconventional’ and ‘original’. Those are the boring

Many books have been commissioned, and others made for no reason except that inspiration struck. Mostly, ideas come first and then the client to suit the philosophy of the book.

The books are in the Artists’ Book Collections of world reputed institutions like The Museum of Modern Art, NY; The New York Public Library; The Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY; Yale University, New Haven; The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; DePaul University, Chicago; The Tate Gallery, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The British Library and Chelsea College of Art and Design, London; Centre Pompidou and Bibliotheque National de France, Paris; Bibliotheque Louis-Nucera, Nice.


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