Real Estate’s Impact on Bangalore’s Kanakapura Road


Bengaluru, February 04, 2016: The Bangalore Real Estate sector is witnessing a high growth rate and Bangalore is being considered as one of the most promising market for real estate investments. Real Estate developers are shifting to well-connected and are developing on the outskirts of city for fulfilling the exponentially growing demands of residential space in the city, with large projects. Few project areas to name are Yelahanka, Sarjapur Road, Kanakapura Road etc.

While infra projects have given a new bodily structure to locations, its residential projects have raised the profile and given a face-lift to the location, especially by uplifting the social infrastructure of the area.

The improved social infrastructure and image of location is mutually important for the residents and the real estate companies as it improves the value of projects.

The case-in-point is of Kanakapura Road, which has been registering a strong infrastructural growth. Now, with the slew of large scale projects by the premium and leading Real Estate Company, Kanakapura Road is on the verge of rapid upliftment in terms of its social infrastructure. This includes demography, occupation, family type, education, income, which brings a lot of diversification in needs and demand in catchment area.

With the surge of real estate properties in Kanakapura Road, the resultant effect can also be seen in terms of the establishment of hospitals in the area, the increase in the number of restaurants and hotels, and the rising number of schools that have been set up in the recent times, thus aid

Concorde Group, one of the leading real estate companies in Bangalore, has completed its large scale project Napa valley in Kanakapura road and wish to share their deep insight on the socio-cultural upliftment and its co-relation with infrastructural upliftment in context of the above mention area.

They are also celebrating ‘Concorde Euphoria’ a grand event with the objective of highlighting the changing and improving socio-infrastructure of this location.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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