Prime Shares Estate


New Delhi, March 13, 2018: Co-founded by Arjun Dublish and Fabio Piga in 2017, Prime Shares Estate (PSE) is a residential crowdfunding, property management, and foreign exchange management firm serving the clients from all over the world who wish to own properties in Central London. By holding deep insight in asset management, real estate, and foreign currency, Arjun and Fabio have been extremely helpful to international investors in cherry-picking Central London prime properties and meticulously hedging their FX risk, if faced any.

None of the market players/competitors are focusing on international clients, therefore, this offering puts the company in a unique position to meet the all the needs of a foreign client when it comes to Real Estate Investment. Moreover,PSE’S “Stay Credit” policy allows clients to live in the properties they own and manages their foreign exchange risks. In addition by targeting International PSE is exporting the concept of real estate crowdfunding which is very popular in the UK, but less known elsewhere; therefore changing existing market behavior. Business consultants at PSE analyse every aspect of property investment such as regulations in all markets involved, remittance of funds, FX risk management, Property Management, and the desire to make an attractive return.

In its first phase, Prime Shares Estate is focused on Indian investors only , targeting people who are willing to make an investment in Central London that can also be enjoyed as holiday homes but at the same time not willing to commit huge funds up front and take the worries of property management. With every investment made in the Prime Share Estate’s property, investors receive the benefits of having yearly rental income of 3-4% per annum, capital growth of 3-5% per annum, stay credits of up to 10 weeks per annum in proportion to the shares bought with an assured non monetary benefit of 0.5% per annum. All PSE properties are sourced and managed completely by expert professionals who build pricing algorithm to optimize the yield for the investors and take careof guest communications, 24hr check­-in, cleaning, linen, restocking and more.

Digital Marketing is the most lucrative way to grow and expand for PSE, and the brand isready to use Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to create mass awareness. As PSE is working on a very novel concept, marketing activities like Road Shows are also targetedin various cities of India, including New Delhi.

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