Online Residents Information System for Retirement Communities (ORIS)


Bengaluru, February 27, 2016:


Senior Citizens prefer to spend their autumn years in comfort and with their nostalgic memories, without worrying about health, safety, cooking or other routine matters.

Retirement Communities are springing up all over, to meet such expectations.

However, the entire service must be of high quality but at an affordable price, without burdening the Seniors who must be living out of their savings.It is not just about providing the best service but also about managing the bottom line with control over operational costs.

Is there a tool available for the management of such communities, that helps them to achieve their objectives?

Yes, there is one.

Innovatus Systems has specially developed ORIS, with inputs from domain experts, for the efficient operation of Retirement Communities and therefore for the benefit of the Senior Citizens.

Multiple benefits

Implementation of ORIS, the software for retirement communities brings several tangible & intangible benefits to the management and to the residents. To name a few-

ü Reduction in operational costs

Marked reduction in operational costs

ü More time for staff

Automation takes care of repetitive chores, leaving staff with extra time at their disposal

ü Elimination of accounting delays and errors

Zero error expenses accounting that is completed in an incredibly short time

ü Cash-flow improvements

Automated, error-free billing leaves residents happy and enhances cash-flow as well

ü Improvements in service levels

Centralized database helps servicing residents easily and more efficiently

ü Low investment

ORIS does not require extra investment in human resources orexpensive hardware

ü Immediate start

User friendly and loaded with features that are easy to understand and use

ü Fits all sizes

Affordable and suitable for retirement communities of various sizes

ü Try for free

Fifteen-day free trial helps you explore all options of ORIS before deciding

ORIS modules

ORIS has various modules making it easy for the retirement community to manage their affairs and provide excellent service to the residents, without compromising on quality and in a cost effective manner. The important modules are

· Residents’ basic information

· Residents’ detailed profile

· Dining and Kitchen planner

· Service requests

· Events and Incidents

· Expenses accounting

· Monthly billing& Credits posting

· Assets

· Info graphics & reports

· Mobile APP for residents to stay connected

Other salient features:

· Access controls at module levels

· Audit trails on usage

· Validations and checks to ensure error free data

· SMS and Email interface

· Tally ® interface

· Payment gateway interface

All the modules are seamlessly integrated making it easy to learn and operate. With tight controls, errors are avoided and therefore time consuming manual reconciliations are also eliminated.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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