There is no shortcut to success


By Ms. Neha Hiranandani, Director, House of Hiranandani

My father, an epitome of simplicity and a man of principles, has inspired me each day to keep everything simple as it leads to success in both personal and professional spheres of life. This is what I have truly experienced following his advice. There have been so many insights on leadership that I have learnt from him while growing up. I always admire him for his courage, positivity, honesty and sense of fairness.

While real estate has traditionally been a male-dominated business, he showed me how to adapt and this was a great learning ground for me as I was new to this industry. My father always believes that experience is the greatest teacher. A pillar of strength, he always taught me that we should not focus on the short run; instead, keep a broader perspective. This mantra has kept me going during business challenges.

Having followed his footsteps in the family business, I have embraced his approach of handling work and managing business through hard work and determination as there is no shortcut to success.

I am blessed to have a father who takes pride in being a self-made man. He effortlessly plays the role of an ideal friend and a great mentor. As a family, we truly love what we do each day in our business in real estate and are passionate about it. He always had the vision of transforming barren land into some of India’s most vibrant life spaces. I take a lot from him on that count and now me and my brother Harsh hope to further realise my father’s dreams as the future unfolds before us.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)