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Bengaluru, March 19, 2016: Check out these ultra fancy celebrity homes; one look at which will make you rethink your middle class existence

So these friends of yours managed a mini theatre in the basement, did they? Or your boss, he’s got that beautiful house in the fancy neighbourhood with a garden to die for. Well, if that makes you just a wee bit envious, then what follows might just blow your minds! Skyscanner compiles a list of multi-million dollar homes across the world, belonging to celebrities who decided to splurge while choosing their residences – when we say splurge, we are talking stuff like mini golf courses and zoos within the premises!

Dubai – Madonna

Material Girl Madonna’s Dubai pad hit the news for all kinds of reasons – the fact that it was Madonna’s, the fact that it was in Dubai and the fact that her living room was an underground room with a view of dolphins. Celebrity architect Joaquin Torres, known to help celebs live large, designed this dolphinarium cum living room on an estate in the World Islands, complete with about 1,400 metres of private beach. The World Islands is one of the most ambitious of Dubai’s fancy projects; with a man made map of the world emerging out of the sea.

India – Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia made it to the top of the list of most expensive homes in the world. This massive home with extra high ceilings has only 27 floors in it; where ordinary buildings of the same height would have about 60. Built by Chicago based architects Perkins and Will, this structure can withstand earthquakes measuring up to 8 on the Richter scale.

Italy – George Clooney

As pretty as its poetic name, George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra is set dramatically on the banks of beautiful Lake Como. This 25 room Italian villa has a swimming pool, an outdoor theatre and a garage specially designed for Clooney’s motorcycle collection. Though peaceful and idyllic, Villa Oleandra is quite the address – with heavy weight celebs like Donatella Versace as neighbours.

United States – Manny Pacquiao

Beverly Hills, California is the address to have when you figure that you have finally made it! Very recently bought at $12.5 million by boxer Manny Pacquiao, this 10,000 square foot mansion has seven bedrooms and eight baths. We are guessing the in-house theatre that seats twenty people holds regular screenings of Manny’s exploits in the ring!

Bahamas – David Copperfield

Talking about grand homes, here’s another one. David Copperfield calls an 11 island archipelago home! Yes, that’s correct – the magician zeroed in on the Exuma chain of islands in the Bahamas, the largest of which is the 150 acre Musha Cay. Copperfield Bay – 11 private islands, now that is what we call redefining luxury.

France – Johnny Depp

So Johnny Depp owns a village – an entire village, in the South of France. This rural 37 acre slice of Depp styled heaven placed very conveniently near St. Tropez is on the market post a romantic break-up. That should not affect its status though, since Johnny Depp spent about $10 million to ‘fix-up’ the already beautiful village that has a main house, a few guest cottages, a bar and a restaurant, a chapel, stables and a staff house. It’s up for grabs for a cool $26 million.

Canada – Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Actors Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s Vancouver pad is a celebrity home bought for a cause. The couple shifted base to Canada in support of their son’s hockey career. This five bedroom Tudor style home in the snooty Shaughnessy area has a gym, a built-in theatre, a new kitchen and eleven fireplaces to keep it warm in the infamous Canadian winter.

England – Amal and George Clooney

George Clooney again, this time in England. George Clooney snapped up this $10 million home in Berkshire as a marital home with Amal Clooney. The couple renovated the nine-bedroom mansion to add a home cinema, a pool and a pool house.

Spain – Vladimir Putin

Actors, sports persons, singers, celebs – now it is the turn of the politician to add to this list. Rumour has it that Russian president Vladimir Putin is getting a custom made mansion made in the middle of the snooty Zagaleta estate, near Marbella. La Zagaleta is said to be the most expensive real estate in Europe, not just in Spain. The Putin mansion overshadows properties of celeb neighbours like Rod Stewart, Hugh Grant and Margaret Thatcher with its sheer size that includes sunken pools, fountains, a cinema, a spa and a gym, a piano bar plus a spectacular view of Gibraltar.

Hong Kong – Jack Ma

Another businessman owned property, but this time in Hong Kong. Alibaba chairman Jack Ma bought a luxury bungalow for $193 million, making it second only to Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia in Mumbai. Spanning nearly 10,000 square feet, this property is nearly 70 years old, and stands bang in the middle of Hong Kong. The house offers rare 270 degree views of Victoria Harbour and a huge 20,000 square feet of garden space.

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