Announcing Bentley OpenRoads Navigator App


Bengaluru, June 08, 2016: Bentley Systems announces Open Roads Navigator app, a new innovative app that provides civil and transportation professionals an easy-to-use, dynamic app for quick access to civil design information in the field. Key capabilities include:

· View, analyse, and enhance a wide variety of project information, including terrain, 3D models, and 2D topographies.

· Use linear referencing functionality with station and offset.

· Navigate models with touch.

· Search and filter models based on attributes such as feature definition, pay item, or geometric criteria.

· Visually walk through a project design using GPS coordinates.

· Locate model elements, stations and offsets, and embedded properties to perform tasks quickly in the field.

· Submit issues for resolution through Project Wise Issue Resolution Service.

The Open Roads Navigator app will support teams working better together to speed approvals and resolve issues during design, construction, and operations. Field workers will be able to use the app to associate design elements with pay item tracking for field inspection.

“Open Roads Navigator advances roadway design review and field inspection workflows with a revolutionary user experience that makes complex design data more readily available to a broader set of project stakeholders. With the Personal Share, a new CONNECT Edition Cloud Service, designers can publish engineered models directly to the cloud for quick and easy access within Open Roads Navigator while in the field,” said Dustin Parkman, vice president, Product Development, Road, Rail, and Site, Bentley Systems. The app will integrate with Project Wise to support collaboration with all team members for faster resolution of issues in the field.

Open Roads Navigator app expands the depth of capabilities that Open Roads offers to civil and infrastructure professionals. Open Roads capabilities include unmatched data acquisition, accelerated design production, robust subsurface utility design and analysis, on-the-fly design visualization, and improved collaboration. Open Roads helps advance road and infrastructure design, construction and operations through the use of industry-leading innovations including immersive modeling, design intent capture and persistence, hyper modeling, information mobility across engineering disciplines and project phases, and construction-driven engineering.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)


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