7 Reasons why ALSTONE WPC is the Ideal Material for Designing Kitchens that Last a Lifetime


WPC is fast emerging as the first choice of material for modular kitchens. WPC has many advantages over other materials as it is water-proof, termite and borer proof, fire retardant, scr‎ew-able/nail-able, enables sturdy connections, 90 degree bendable, 100% calibrated, scra‎tch and stain-fr‎ee, durable, and lends an attractive appearance to the overall kitchen. It can be painted/polished in any colour and given a smooth finish that does not lose its sheen even after years of use.

For kitchen designers and users, a WPC kitchen would be a one-time investment as the kitchen would last life long, and what’s more, WPC is a recyclable material, which makes it eco-friendly too.

The WPC Kitchen Advantages

  1. WPC kitchen cabinets and shutters can be painted in any colour or polished. We recommend PU paints, and always have a primer coating before pai‎nting for better application.
  2. For workability of tools on WPC such as drilling, hardware fittings, and for locking systems on cabinets, no spe‎cial tools are required; in fact, the traditional carpenter tools will do the j‎ob well.
  3. WPC kitchens give life-long performance, are resistant to fungus, mold and bacteria, which makes them extremely hygienic, and they do not require any maintenance.
  4. WPC kitchens are not impacted by humidity, smo‎ke, oil spills, food droppings, which makes them easy to clean, stain fr‎ee and resistant to scratches.
  5. For the fussy users, we recommend using a mild detergent for cleaning with a soft cotton cloth or simple dusting.
  6. WPC kitchens have the appearance of real wood but with the additional and improved characteristics of WPC.
  7. WPC kitchens also have a cost advantage over other materials since they are a one-time investment, giving life-long performance, and with no maintenance or repair services required

Size available- 4×8 feet
Thickness (mm)- 4,6,8,12,16,18,28,30,40,& 50
Colors: Frosty white & Natural wood


  1. Easy to cut
  2. Tough inside, smoother outside
  3. Termites and borer proof panel
  4. No warping or twisting
  5. 101% water proof
  6. High load bearing strength
  7. Fire retardant

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