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Mumbai, February 17, 2017: Being one of the most lucrative alternatives for real estate investments.  Mumbai offers immense opportunities to potential investors in properties. The enormous market offering exclusive transit system and high-end connectivity has emerged as the driving force for the development of social

Mumbai is a giant metropolis and one of the major paradise for real estate investors in India. With the burgeoning population of the city mainly due to people migrating from other states, the demand for land and accommodation refuses to die down. Moreover, owing to the “demonetization campaign”, which was recently driven by Prime Minister Narendra Modi – the country-wide real estate market is keen to witness a major boom in the sector. The growth graph of this economy is presumed to escalate in the coming days, which will be reflected in Mumbai’s realty market as well. Housing several multi-national companies and financial institutions, the commercial hub constantly remains under investor’s radar. Moreover, the residential projects in Mumbai is an attractive avenue, even for the potential investors from abroad.

Additionally, the city-wide plans of redevelopment draw new investment opportunities by offering benefits like – affordability and good connectivity. Listed below are five most essential reasons, which makes the real estate properties in Mumbai unquestionably worth to invest in:

1 High Return on Investment (ROI): Impending investors seek for reasonable investment alternatives, which would give them huge benefits in the future. Locations including Chembur, Mulund, Wadala, and Bandra are gradually establishing its strong grip on the real estate market, as they endure to develop and pull many interested parties. Sitting in the second spot amongst the list of top urban agglomerations in the world after Tokyo – the city grants a huge scope for a high Return on Investment (ROI). Moreover, relaxation of the stringent laws complying with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has received a massive support from offshore investors as well.

2 Top-end Infrastructure: The key locations of the city encompass thousands of square feet of giant residential and commercial properties offering best-in-class amenities. In addition, the properties which are in the phase of development are deemed to benefit the city-dwellers after completion. The enhanced focus on infrastructural development, therefore, has increased the quality of living for the people in Mumbai. Multiple infrastructure projects, primarily the Chembur-Wadala monorail, and the Eastern Freeway are exemplary of growth.

3 High-end connectivity & accessibility: Again, the Chembur-Wadala monorail is the biggest example in the city for enhanced connectivity project. The real estate properties in Wadala has almost doubled in recent years due to its close-proximity to the Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC). In the face of rapid changes taking place in the city, the jam-packed roads and narrow lanes have become a scenario of the past. Now, Mumbai provides excellent connectivity by the means of broadened highways, roads, and railways to day-to-day commuters. The distance has significantly reduced with the introduction of Metro in Mumbai, covering the distance between Ghatkopar and Versova.

4 Employment and business opportunities: The commercial boundaries of the city have extended its arm ahead of South Mumbai, as the employment opportunities has grown over the years. Increase in employment and business prospects has played a key role in enhancing residential real estate, apart from other than areas including BKC, Kanjurmarg on the Central Line. Moreover, with its immediate proximity to Vikhroli and Powai, Kanjurmarg has emerged as a preferred site for business and residential complexes alike. Development of business parks, IT hubs, SEZs and MIDC industrial areas offers better career opportunities.

5 Affordable housing – an upcoming trend: With the direct correlation of ever-growing business and commercial areas, the residential properties in such locations are beyond the affordability of a common man. Although, recent developments in the current government’s regime has given a ray of hope to people with the introduction of the concept of affordable housing. However, the newer and lesser populated parts of the city (like Navi Mumbai) have become a prime focus by giving more impetus to the cause.

The Trees, an upcoming flagship project of Godrej Properties has established the concept of quality living in Mumbai. With the intention to interweave the idea of culture, technology, history, and landscape – buyers are assumed to make every penny count of their invested money. Moreover, with the ongoing monetization campaign infused in our economy by the existing government, the process of litigation and buying a property is mostly likely to become easier.

Mumbai, which is also denoted as the ‘New York of India’ has enormous opportunities in store. The city offers a home away from home for people, who have migrated from different parts of the country. The real estate development in Mumbai is awaiting major positive changes in the sector.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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